Wednesday, April 1, 2015

The Impending Shift In Global Consciousness - The Dissolution of the Ego

Nothing can ever hold you down. Once it comes, it goes. This is the fundamental truth of reality: impermanence. And that which is Watching the Happening is the Happening. And what is the Happening? Well.. it is happening right now, no? This is all there is and you are it. This is the eternal reality. What you are is that, this, now. There is no ego keeping you from enlightenment.

In order to have what is you must have what is not. Black implies white. Something implies nothing. Nothing keeps something alive, new, fresh. Something is constantly changing, moving, disappearing into the void of Nothing and spawning from the void of Nothing. And so it all comes from Nothing and returns to Nothing. 

And yet, we hold onto this idea of ourselves as a self talking to itself, located somewhere in the head, somewhere right behind the eyes, watching this is all go by; forming this image, this memory of experience, a conversation. But with who are you talking to? If you are the one talking then who is the one listening? Which one are you? Who are you? 

 The skin is not a barrier to the "outside" world. It is a bridge with who you are. 

Each The moment is fresh, new. Each The moment we are forgiven, liberated. Every thought that comes immediately goes. Every moment that comes immediately goes. This is the true nature of reality. If you see this, which you do unknowingly or not, you are free. You are always and already free. This is so.

If you are caught in a mental loop of thought; struggling, frustratingly trying to clear your mind, you are only caught in the memory of it. How do you let go of a memory? It has already passed. 

And so we create this image of ourselves and the reality we confront. The Watcher (I) and the Watched (the "outside" world). But if you really, truly watch, the Watcher is being Watched, no? See for yourself. The next thought that pops in your mind, listen to it, watch it. Do you see how hard this is? Once it comes, it goes. You cannot be with thought. You can only watch its arrival and its inevitable departure. Be with that.

Nothing stays, there is only the echo. And when you look, the echo has already passed. So be in a state of constant change, a void. Move with it all.

Because of the impermanent nature of reality, we hold onto this image, this echo of ourselves, therefore distancing ourselves from reality. The image (who you think you are) is but a delay, an echo of the Whole, Nothingness. And so we hold on to the echo for in order to have what is we must include what is not.  

What has been is being echoed now from the now always now. 

For centuries this illusory notion of our identity has been implanted in us. A meme spread to the masses. And we are at a critical tipping point right now, both individually and socially, we are at a dead-end. What happens when you are at a dead-end? You have to stop. And when you stop trying to control the uncontrollable, you are free. You see, we spend so much energy on trying to make everything a certain way, when all there is the Way. 

You are but one distinct ripple in an infinitely rippling pond of consciousness. Like all ripples, you will return to your original state, our inherent Buddha Nature, the fundamental nature of all Beings. The fundamental nature of you. The fundamental nature of me. This is the impending shift in consciousness. And it starts now.