Monday, August 25, 2014

7 Ego-Shattering Videos Everybody Should Watch

Sam Harris -
It Is Always Now

Abby Martin - 
The Artist's Task

Graham Hancock and Joe Rogan - 
The Precious Gift

Terence McKenna -
The Evolution of Reality

Joe Rogan & Bryan Callen -
Earth Suits Engage
Alex Jones (Surprisingly spot-on) -
Waking Life Excerpt

The Joe Rogan Experience -
The Wake Up Call Documentary

Monday, August 18, 2014

A Short Insight On Anxiety

To deny or resist your current state of being, in whatever form it is in, is fear. If you are stuck in a state of fear/resistance/anxiety, simply notice this. See if it is possible to watch the entirety of yourself, with all of your different thoughts and feelings, without any judgement. Seriously, I invite you to try this now. Don't try and examine yourself, just let everything sit and move on its own. Just watch... that's all you have to do. The universe does not need a central "I" to push it. The world will keep turning, your heart will keep beating. Thoughts will appear and disappear in different forms. Just watch it all go by. This is meditation.

How do you allow resistance? How can you love fear? By allowing the fear to take over you. By doing so you are entering reality, accepting it as it is; from panic to freedom. However, this cannot be taught. This is something one needs to do on their own. It cannot be "put off" either. Throwing it into the fog of the future and letting it swim in the mist of potentiality will do nothing. Come back to where you are now. To be at peace, to love yourself, to be with reality, you have to be with yourself. To be with yourself you must be aware of what is happening. Remember, everything is always in motion, always vibrating, all you have to do is align with it.

Do not try and deceive yourself about your current state. It will not work for you are already experiencing it. There is no getting around this. We can put a mask on the moment, play a little game with it, pretend it is what it isn't, but in the end it all comes back to what is.

Monday, August 4, 2014

The Return To Where You Are - Finding the Ground of Being

"Nirvana is right where you are, as long as you don't object to it."
Alan Watts

The modern view of economic, political, or even individual growth is based on a false premise of reality, a false sense of self. Currently, most of humanity is attached with the surface, material realm of existence. The majority of us are fixated upon the idea of ourselves in the apparent "outside" world that we experience on a day to day basis. Rarely does one go within and actually look. But this is what is needed, a return to the Ground of Being, a return to where you are.

Go beneath, go within, feel the emptiness. This emptiness is which gives birth to the surface. To identify with the surface is due to a resistance with the entirety of being. The entirety of being is undefinable, which is why mystics and Buddhists may refer to it as the Great Void, nothingness. Define nothing, define emptiness. How? There is nothing to identify with. The surface reality can be picked apart and played with, but in truth it is only a mist that "sits" upon the ground of being. It is an expression of you. 

The denial of the eternal, internal emptiness within is the way we operate on an individual and in-turn global level. Since we deny this emptiness, we try to fill it with anything and everything. Even Buddhists can fill this hole with the achievement of enlightenment. We almost all try to fill this void with the apparent acceptance from others, which is why trends occur in society. We all try to be accepted by others and so we act like others. Rarely is someone truly being themselves, the entirety of themselves. This requires acceptance of oneself and if one is preoccupied with being accepted by "others" "externally", this internal acceptance cannot be done.

The feeling of being trapped inside yourself and your thoughts can bring tremendous pain and suffering. Of course, it can bring happiness but it is always impermanent and soon leads back to suffering. But how can "you" suffer if there is no central, static you? If internally we are empty, then all flows through. If this is realized, not through thinking but through being, then the you that you thought you were, is no longer boxing you in. It is no longer all of you, but simply a part of the whole of experience. It becomes a voice, wisping by with everything else.

Through this connection within, you can feel the connection with the whole. You are entering your body. This includes your physical, biological form, the environment it interacts with, and the source within. It is already here. Always return to the Ground of Being, the void within. You will rise back to the surface, very easily at first. The more you return, the longer it will last. You will know when you get there, you will feel it. And when you feel it, go deeper. This is the inevitable ecstasy. All you have to do is return to where you are, be where you are, it is that simple.