Wednesday, October 2, 2013

5 Easy Steps to Lucid Dreaming And Actually Controlling It

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  1. Eric, I have been told by a few yogis who regularly lucid dream that you must be careful NOT to lucid dream every night because it disrupts your sleep cycle and further drags yourself from inner peace during the day. Have you experience such a disruption or heard anything of the sorts?

    1. I haven't heard of this before and I don't really see the validity behind it, unless, of course, you are losing sleep using the WBTB method or staying up later rather than usual trying to lucid dream. Inner peace is found in the moment, this moment, and if anything lucid dreaming helps your consciousness (which resides in both this universe and the dream realm) stay rooted in the moment. To me, when you dream unconsciously, you are not rooted in the moment of your dream but rather you are being led on by the "act" of your normal dreaming patterns. When you are lucid, or "wake up" in your dream, you join with the moment and take control. What is probably one the coolest things ever is becoming lucid, sitting down, meditating, and then simply letting go. If you do this and then tell yourself "I wish to leave my body now", let me know what happens ;)

      Becoming lucid in the dream state can, to me, help us "wake up" in "normal" waking reality from the illusion of the "act" we constantly participate in about ourselves, and join the now.