Thursday, October 31, 2013

Time Is Always Now

Think back to when you were a child. Pick your favorite, most vivid memory. Once chosen, visualize it. Notice how you are drawing back to this memory from this moment, right now. In this foggy visualization, you will discover that when this moment was happening, it was now. I am not saying that when you were six or seven you were however old you are now, but what I am saying is that your experience had in the past, was happening in the "now" moment. Now think ahead to your death bed. Here you are, with all of your achievements, loves, fears, and losses attained thus far, about to vanish into nothingness. When this experience happens, it will then be now. Remember this: All experience happens now. No experience can be had outside of the now. There is no other time, in fact, there is no such thing as time. Humans pop up into the "great stream" of existence and vanish some odd years later. The only reason we think things have a beginning and an ending is because of our own "beginning" and "ending". When in reality, the two are one. You can't begin unless you ended and you can't end unless you began. This goes for any forms of duality (good and bad being one of the most "predominant" ones).

Let's go farther back. Let's go to a time when you were non-existent, when this planet was non-existent, in fact, when this universe was non-existent. Let's go back to the big bang, the singularity that bursted towards what is now. The "time" when everything in existence was condensed into something smaller than the size of the head of a pin; when everything was truly one. There was no space, there was no time. Everything just was, or really I should say, is nothing. During this condensed energetic state, it was now.. and it is still now. Your existence, this existence, is a singularity, the singularity, all occurring right now. We are the condensed energy state of oneness being expressed through biology. We are the whole being reflected in the part, and the part being reflecting in the whole. You can see this connectedness in everyday life. It does not take any visualization to achieve this. By simply seeing everything right now as it is is enough. Don't try to be anything for you will only be trying to be a mental image, something that which you are not. Simply, be who you are. Don't forget, no one-thing in and of itself exists. All is relative, all relates. If you define and label an object, you are creating a false separation within the mind. Sure, this is useful, but if everything is taken as separate, individual objects completely unrelated to each other, it can make us feel separate and alien to the world. We are divided through the intellect. The intellect is a great tool that has been taken for granted. Remember, the intellect is a part of experience, not all of experience.

So let's review. Back before the big bang it was now. Millions of years after the occurrence of the big bang, it was still now. And now it is obviously still now, forever present for infinity. Time is not real besides in our minds. Our minds are a storage device for all of our existence, all being expressed right now. Right now, it is before the big bang, everything condensed into a singularity. Right now, it is right now. Right now, it is tomorrow. There are no separate events (besides for the labeling of our intellect). There is only one event, right now!

Everything is compressed into this moment. Our biological devices allow us to maneuver through it, glimpsing the whole from different perspectives, both on the micro, macro, and all different levels that are available through technology, the intellect, and imagination. Experience is one forever changing, spontaneous "image". Everything consists in this moment. Your birth and your death, the beginning and the end, the Alpha and the Omega. You are "god", I am "god". All is one. It all goes together... now.

Thursday, October 24, 2013

We Are Working With An 'Intelligent' Universe and You Are All of It.

One of the wackiest theories I have come across lately is Biocentrism. Biocentrism pitches the idea that life/consciousness gives life to the universe and not the other way around. It explains that in order for this universe to even be here and be seen as you are seeing it now; a conscious observer needs to be present. As I do agree with this (as you will see below why), I also agree with the standard held idea that the universe gives rise to life. To me, these two ideas are not in contrast with one another, but in fact they balance each other out. The universe and you are inseparable and are constantly creating each other (even though there is no "each" or "other" for it is all one process).

But how do I create the universe, you might ask? I mean, I just "popped up" here some odd years ago and will vanish in a few more. How can I be so essential? Well, first off, let me explain what matter (the stuff you, your bed, and the sun are all made of) is itself comprised of. You and everything else in this universe are comprised of trillions of tiny little things called particles… or perhaps a better term is wavicles. Wavicles is the preferred term here because a particle is not simply just a particle but rather a particle (solid) and a wave (non-solid, non-existent, probabilistic) at the same time; it is only our relative perception and observation which changes that state. According to Biocentrism and as you will see below, the double slit experiment, an “observer” needs be present in order to collapse a wavicle (what the universe is comprised of) from its wave form (a probabilistic, non-existent and yet, I’ll coin the phrase, “every-existent” state) to its particle, singular solid form (the world/universe as you see it). If true, you are as fundamental to the universe “being here” as gravity… if not more. This is a little different from our current view and, if proven (or should I say accepted), flip the laws of physics on its ass. So then! Let's take a dive into the crazy world of quantum mechanics and see why this crazy theory is even a theory. 

For those who don't know already. Quantum Theory deals with the probabilistic nature of quantum particles (the "building blocks" of matter) and the likely place(s) they may appear. The double slit experiment has been repeated for decades now with the same results each time, but never with a solid conclusion. You will see in a second why... Let me lay this, if understood, life-changing experiment out for you.

It all started in the twentieth century when physicists were struggling with whether or not light was made out of tons of little particles/photons or waves of energy. To find this out, they needed a source of light, and in this double-slit experiment, electrons Let's go over the tools used and the results expected in this experiment.

Tools used:

-A device to shoot some good ol’ particles (electrons/photons)
-A barrier with two “slits” in it, hence the “double slit”
-A hit-detector at the end that marks where each particle hits

-Eventually we will use a Quarter Wave Pallets or QWP which will be place in front of the two slits


Either one or the other will appear, never both.

-Two “bands” of particles that are shaped like the double slits in the barrier.


-An interference pattern or what we would expect a wave to produce 

Let's start off by firing some photons through the barrier with two-slits in it heading towards the hit-detector that measures or observes the results (with no QWP in place). Each bit of light has a 50-50 chance of going through one of the slits due to the laws of probability. However, this is not what we see. What we see is an interference pattern (wave) emerging on the hit-detector. An interference pattern is what would happen if we dropped a bunch of pebbles in still water and watched all of the waves collide and join with each other. So far, the results are that photons have a wave-like nature. Eventually electrons were used and this too carried the same results. Naturally, physicists thought the particles must be going through the slits and colliding with each other, creating this interference pattern. That was until they shot each particle one at a time, making sure they could not collide with each other. When this was done, the same interference/wave pattern emerged! But how could this be? This has never truly been "answered" but the closest theory is that the particle (or should I say wavicle) shot is not really a solid particle but rather a probability (a wave/not solid/a real entity) until they are detected (the detection /measurement/observation of the wavicles collapses those said wavicles into solid particles). So they go through both slits (hence they are in a probabilistic, “everything goes” state) and interact with each other creating the interference pattern! This means that particles, even something as large as a Bucky Ball, do not even exist as solid matter until they are observed/detected/measured.

Suppose we want to find out which slit each photon or electron goes through. All we have to do is set up some Quarter Wave Pallets or QWP's in front of each slit. The QWP tells us the polarity of the incoming photon, giving us the ability to see which slit each goes through on the way to the detector. This means we will be measuring or observing the photon before it hits the hit-detector, which in the previous experiment was the original detector/measurement device/observation tool. Here we see our results radically change. Instead of the interference/wave pattern we just received in the previous experiment, we are now seeing the hit-detector light up as we would expect solid particles to (two “bands” of particles shaped like the slits)! The wave-function (probabilistic state) must have collapsed once detected by the QWP's, creating a normal, solid particle response on the hit-detector.

So! What does this tell us?

The mere act of measurement or observation collapses the wave/probabilistic state into a real solid particle entity! The question now is this: How/why did the wavicle collapse from a wave into a particle when it was being observed? How did it know it was going to measured before the hit-detector? Take note the QWP's do not alter photons in anyway besides changing its polarity. Not to mention many other devices besides QWP’s have been used with the same results. The conclusion is this: It is simply not possible to gain the which-way information (which slit the wavicle goes through) and the interference pattern caused by waves. Once a wavicle is detected/observed/measured, the wavicles “collapse” from their probabilistic/wave state to their solid/particle state. And the weird thing is (as if this wasn't weird enough), wavicles are constantly in both wave and particle states. Observing them only makes the difference… to us.  

Attempts after attempts to get around this mind-bending experiment have been tried by the most brilliant minds of our century, but there is no way getting around this one. The very measurement or observation of which path the electron/photon went through collapses the particle, alone. This means that matter talks to itself, in a sense. The particle knows when it is being observed. To me, we are working with an "intelligent" universe. However, this is not widely accepted (yet) by the scientific community so I guess for now it is only some weird crazy experiment that makes no sense.

But I am not the scientific community. I am an individual observing these experiments and using my own knowledge to get to my own conclusion. What is my conclusion? The universe reacts to itself on the fundamental level of simple "outer" observation which creates "inner" experience. You are the "inner" experience that the "outer" (the universe and all it contains which includes "you") has. The "outer" reacts on the "inner" and the "inner" expresses/creates the "outer". Simply noticing this by watching it all and not falling into the trap of acting as that fragment of the whole (Joe Whats-His-Face and all of his troubles and worries),  to me, is enough to bring about a huge revolution in consciousness that is so deeply needed. There is no one else to blame. There is no guide. It is all you and you are all it. Your experience of the universe is the universe.

"...If you observe very closely what is taking place and examine it, you will see that it is based on an intellectual conception, and the intellect is not the whole field of existence, it is a fragment, and a fragment, however cleverly put together, however ancient and traditional, is still a small part of existence whereas we have to deal the totality of life. And when we look at what is taking place in the world we begin to understand that there is no outer and inner process; there is only one unitary process, it is a whole, total movement, the inner movement expressing itself as the outer and the outer reacting again on the inner. To be able to look at this seems to me all that is needed, because if we know how to look, then the whole things becomes very clear, and to look needs no philosophy, no teacher. Nobody need tell you how to look. You just look..." 

 - Jiddu Krishnamurt, Freedom From the Known.

Tuesday, October 22, 2013

Embrace the Pain

Whenever you are having a "negative" experience, whether it is some form of anxiety, depression, or anything you don't really want happening, recognize that you are indeed having the said experience. Once done, let go and completely embrace it. Embrace the anxiety, embrace the pain, embrace the sorrow. Love it all. Nothing can touch you besides yourself. Any sensuous and/or intellectual experience that you are having at any given moment, always embrace it, always accept what is. Let it take over you. Let it pass through you. It will not harm you. Trust and let go. This can be applied to any "bad" situation labeled by the intellect (which is a part of life, not all of life).

Anxiety stems from hiding from your "true" self which is what is in plain sight (you are not what you think you are). You do this by rejecting the moment as it is and hiding away in fear and participating in abstractions that are not even real. Just be here now. And what is right now? Well... look around.  Seriously. Stop everything for a second and do this. What do you see? Don't go searching now for something or someone to teach you how to do this. Nothing I have said or anyone else has said or any precious book has said will teach you how to look, will give you any "dead" truth that is bam, there, you got it, no further! It keeps going. The "dead" truth you seek externally keeps going internally and in-turn externally, right now, and you are it. Don't go searching within the "global social abstraction" or the "collective mind" we have all created. No one can tell you how to look. Not me,  the bible, no one.. just look.

When you get down to it, you will notice, from your own perspective, that this moment consists everything. Every person, every tree, every bug, every river, every galaxy, everything. Nothing moves from this moment. It may change forms (as it does constantly) and paint a different picture, but it all happens right now. Embrace whatever the picture is at any given time, even when you don't like it... embrace the pain.

Tuesday, October 15, 2013

The Coming Revolution in Consciousness

Die before you die. Let go of all that makes up the "you" that you think you are. All his/her worries and stories, gone. "You" are a figment of your own imagination. A self-spinning mental image that is based entirely upon preconceptions; you are literally living in your head. Whether it be personal stories self-written, political and/or philosophical ideologies, etc., none are truly "there" besides in your head. You create "yourself" internally through the intellect, making yourself feel separate in a world that contains no one-thing in and of itself. The "you" that you create, the individual if you will, is only a small fragment in the wide field of existence. In reality, what you truly are is experience and everything contained within that potentially infinite span of experience, right now. 

We have been searching our entire lives for that one thing in the outside world that will bring us closer to "it". Whatever "it" is... We search through various religions, supposed spiritual truths, money, material things, food, and much much more. Through ages of this, no truth has been left to be found. That is because there is no "dead" truth found in the "outer" world. There is no light at the end of tunnel, the tunnel just keeps going and spontaneously forming different things, which is your experience. Truth is alive, and you are it. Your pain, your anxiety, your happiness, your joy; this very moment you are having right now. 

"The question of whether or not there is a God or truth or reality, or whatever you like to call it, can never be answered by books, by priests, philosophers or saviors. Nobody and nothing can answer the question but you yourself and that is why you must know yourself. Immaturity lies only in total ignorance of self. To understand yourself is the beginning of wisdom. And what is yourself, the individual you? I think there is a difference between the human being and the individual. The individual is a local entity, living in a particular country, belonging to a particular culture, particular society, particular religion. The human being is not a local entity. He is everywhere. If the individual merely acts in the particular corner of the vast field of life, then his action is totally unrelated to the whole. So one has to bear in mind that we are talking of the whole not the part, because in greater the less is, but in the lesser the greater is not. The individual is the little conditioned, miserable, frustrated entity, satisfied with his little gods and his little traditions, whereas a human being is concerned with total welfare, the total misery, and the total confusion of the world."

Jiddu Krishnamurti, Freedom From the Known

You are the outer being expressed through the inner, and the inner reacting to the outer (even though there is no "outer" or "inner" for it is all one process). Notice this. Watch yourself. Watch how you react. Notice how you seek. See how you blame. This un-watched fragmented you creates the world we have today. The world filled with misery, hunger, endless wars, and the likes. We are all responsible for the sorrow and pain in the world. But this is not an issue, this is a solution. This means that we can change it. Embrace your true nature: everything, the whole of your experience, the totality of it all. Be unafraid. Be. That. Now. This is the coming revolution. This is the revolution of the psyche. This is the revolution of consciousness. It is all up to you.