Thursday, September 26, 2013

What You Basically Are Deep Down

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Wednesday, September 4, 2013

Short Insight On Life

Simply... be who you are at this moment! If you are cold, be cold. Hot? Be hot. Sad? Be sad. Thinking, anxious, mad, whatever! Just be that. Listen to it all, feel it all. Be IT all. Acceptance is key at this point. You cannot "be it all" without acceptance of what is. Once you accept what is, which is to say what is true or what is actually being experienced, an inner peace will take over your entire being. If this is not done you will stay trapped within your thoughts and deny the moment, hiding away in fear.

Remember, you change with the moment. You move (and yet stay) with your environment, you shape and create each other (even though there is no "each" or "other" for it is all one process). You are not something separate to experience, you are experience itself. The moment is spontaneous and so are you. The best way to put this is to use as little and as simplistic words as possible for the moment is undefinable... 

Be that!