Sunday, January 4, 2015

One Cosmic Dance

Experience, the universe, is a unified process seen through a fragmented consciousness filter (ego). Each sense, each object, each person, each moment is put into a mental box. This labeling, however useful it may be, has put us under self-hypnosis creating a split world with separate objects. In reality, no one thing in and of itself exists. It is all relative. It is all one. 

Ten thousand things, one Tathata, one Suchness. 

And so there is the Observer and the Observed. We identify with the Observer and in-turn disconnect with the Observed. Without the Observed, there can be no Observer. The two are one. You are one. It is one. See the split, see the divided as one. Look. 

Every morning, 
before you begin the day, 
bring yourself back to the unity of experience. 

Every sentence needs a subject. The universe does not. This is why the Truth cannot be uttered. And too the Truth is always new, always fresh with the spontaneity of the moment. If something is thought, if something is said, like each word of a sentence, it goes on. Once thought, once said, it is now old. The Truth is always new.

All of experience is connected through awareness
Bring your awareness to the breath.
Let your awareness expand with each inhale and
sink in with each exhale.
Let it all fall in your breath.

Let each seemingly separate part of existence return to its origin: the Now. Not the abstract concept you have built up about the Now, but of what is. Time is not stacked vertically nor does it move forward or backward. What we call time is nothing but a memory (the reflection of yourself), and the mental conception of future events, all happening right now. What appears to be the movement of time is, in reality, direct felt experience morphing and shifting. Like a kaleidoscope spontaneously changing pattern. Creating a song, a dance. No matter how "awakened" or "asleep" one may appear to be, we are all apart of One Cosmic Dance.

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