Thursday, December 18, 2014

Waking Up From The Dream of You

We are living in a haze, a drama, a dream-like state. We are trapped inside a personal narrative, a collection of thoughts that seem to be woven together somewhere in our heads, creating the story of "I". In this net of thought there are knots. In those knots you feel stuck, anxious, afraid. But in this fear there is freedom. Freedom from the very concept of you. Freedom from the known. 

With the acceptance and movement with the unknown (everyday ordinary existence) there is what some may call Nirvana. "You" don't have to do anything. In fact, "you" cannot. That is the frustration. We believe to be this central "I". The experiencer to experience, when all there is is experience. The two are not separate. You are not separate. "You" cannot do anything for there is no static "you" controlling the moment. This moment, this life, this is uncontrollable. See how it flows? Surrender to it. It is all one.

The "I" claims authority and ownership to events, or really, motions/vibrations that occur in the present moment. This creates a split world, an inside and an outside. You are seemingly inside, watching a foreign world whizzing by, but that is you. What you see/experience is who you are. And it is always here. You can never not be experiencing experience. And if there was no "experience" before birth or after death, you were not experiencing it. You have always been here and always will be. Nothing is or can be outside the realm of consciousness.

In this mental concept that you have built up of you and then its flip-side, the world you see around you, it makes this moment seem like a split-second, a sliver in the grand scheme of experience and time. Time is a tool, just like the mind. It only exists relative to an observer. Just like the sun appearing to rise and set from the perspective of being on Earth, if seen from outer-space, it is continuously shining. And so too "outside" the narrative of the self, there is no time passing. It is continuously there, condensed, unified into the present moment. But when the now becomes a blip in time, stuck somewhere in-between the past and the future, you are no longer with reality in totality. You are no longer with yourself.

There is a difference between deep thought and mindless thought. Most of the time, our minds are wandering sporadically, endlessly, without us even noticing. Become aware of these thoughts as they arrive and as they leave. Be fully aware of whatever arises in the field of consciousness, experience. Thought is not something you should avoid, or even can avoid. It is there, it is a feature, a script, but don't get lost in what it is presenting. 

Just like when dreaming, there is a story going on that you take part in, get lost in. However, there is the ability to "wake up" from this story when inside of the dream and become lucid. A fully conscious dream where you have the ability to do anything you wish. Right now, you have the opportunity to wake up from the dream of you and do anything you wish. 

This is our destiny, to awaken from the illusion of the self and to return to the Self. To what is. It is the hardest and easiest thing one can do. This is the blossoming of consciousness, it is happening inside us all. There is no time to wait, in fact, there is no time. All there is is now. And right now, you have the ability to have a radical revolution of the psyche. Transcendence of the ego is the next step in human evolution. The return to where you are. This is what the world needs. Societal change, yes, but it all starts from within. As above, so below. 

So stop trying to change the world and instead change yourself. The outer reflects the inner and the inner reflects the outer. Stop whatever you are doing and sit with yourself. Stop the distractions. Sit with the emptiness inside. Sit with the pain. Sit with the joy. Sit with whatever is. Sit and be still.

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