Thursday, October 31, 2013

Time Is Always Now

Think back to when you were a child. Pick your favorite, most vivid memory. Once chosen, visualize it. Notice how you are drawing back to this memory from this moment, right now. In this foggy visualization, you will discover that when this moment was happening, it was now. I am not saying that when you were six or seven you were however old you are now, but what I am saying is that your experience had in the past, was happening in the "now" moment. Now think ahead to your death bed. Here you are, with all of your achievements, loves, fears, and losses attained thus far, about to vanish into nothingness. When this experience happens, it will then be now. Remember this: All experience happens now. No experience can be had outside of the now. There is no other time, in fact, there is no such thing as time. Humans pop up into the "great stream" of existence and vanish some odd years later. The only reason we think things have a beginning and an ending is because of our own "beginning" and "ending". When in reality, the two are one. You can't begin unless you ended and you can't end unless you began. This goes for any forms of duality (good and bad being one of the most "predominant" ones).

Let's go farther back. Let's go to a time when you were non-existent, when this planet was non-existent, in fact, when this universe was non-existent. Let's go back to the big bang, the singularity that bursted towards what is now. The "time" when everything in existence was condensed into something smaller than the size of the head of a pin; when everything was truly one. There was no space, there was no time. Everything just was, or really I should say, is nothing. During this condensed energetic state, it was now.. and it is still now. Your existence, this existence, is a singularity, the singularity, all occurring right now. We are the condensed energy state of oneness being expressed through biology. We are the whole being reflected in the part, and the part being reflecting in the whole. You can see this connectedness in everyday life. It does not take any visualization to achieve this. By simply seeing everything right now as it is is enough. Don't try to be anything for you will only be trying to be a mental image, something that which you are not. Simply, be who you are. Don't forget, no one-thing in and of itself exists. All is relative, all relates. If you define and label an object, you are creating a false separation within the mind. Sure, this is useful, but if everything is taken as separate, individual objects completely unrelated to each other, it can make us feel separate and alien to the world. We are divided through the intellect. The intellect is a great tool that has been taken for granted. Remember, the intellect is a part of experience, not all of experience.

So let's review. Back before the big bang it was now. Millions of years after the occurrence of the big bang, it was still now. And now it is obviously still now, forever present for infinity. Time is not real besides in our minds. Our minds are a storage device for all of our existence, all being expressed right now. Right now, it is before the big bang, everything condensed into a singularity. Right now, it is right now. Right now, it is tomorrow. There are no separate events (besides for the labeling of our intellect). There is only one event, right now!

Everything is compressed into this moment. Our biological devices allow us to maneuver through it, glimpsing the whole from different perspectives, both on the micro, macro, and all different levels that are available through technology, the intellect, and imagination. Experience is one forever changing, spontaneous "image". Everything consists in this moment. Your birth and your death, the beginning and the end, the Alpha and the Omega. You are "god", I am "god". All is one. It all goes together... now.


  1. Very very nice! Also explained very clearly and eloquently