Tuesday, October 22, 2013

Embrace the Pain

Whenever you are having a "negative" experience, whether it is some form of anxiety, depression, or anything you don't really want happening, recognize that you are indeed having the said experience. Once done, let go and completely embrace it. Embrace the anxiety, embrace the pain, embrace the sorrow. Love it all. Nothing can touch you besides yourself. Any sensuous and/or intellectual experience that you are having at any given moment, always embrace it, always accept what is. Let it take over you. Let it pass through you. It will not harm you. Trust and let go. This can be applied to any "bad" situation labeled by the intellect (which is a part of life, not all of life).

Anxiety stems from hiding from your "true" self which is what is in plain sight (you are not what you think you are). You do this by rejecting the moment as it is and hiding away in fear and participating in abstractions that are not even real. Just be here now. And what is right now? Well... look around.  Seriously. Stop everything for a second and do this. What do you see? Don't go searching now for something or someone to teach you how to do this. Nothing I have said or anyone else has said or any precious book has said will teach you how to look, will give you any "dead" truth that is bam, there, you got it, no further! It keeps going. The "dead" truth you seek externally keeps going internally and in-turn externally, right now, and you are it. Don't go searching within the "global social abstraction" or the "collective mind" we have all created. No one can tell you how to look. Not me,  the bible, no one.. just look.

When you get down to it, you will notice, from your own perspective, that this moment consists everything. Every person, every tree, every bug, every river, every galaxy, everything. Nothing moves from this moment. It may change forms (as it does constantly) and paint a different picture, but it all happens right now. Embrace whatever the picture is at any given time, even when you don't like it... embrace the pain.

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