Monday, September 29, 2014

The Void - Dissolving Into What You Are

To believe there is an everlasting afterlife that we will be judged upon death and is far more important than this life, makes this life meaningless. It enables us to submit to day in and day out frustration and obedience. When all that matters is what happens later, whether it be the afterlife, retirement, tomorrow, the future, whatever, it dis-empowers you. You are no longer focused on your immediate direct experience, which is all there is. You are in a world of abstractions, images, icons, and illusions. What's great about that, is that if you see them for what they are, for what it is, you don't have to do anything. But still, here we are, trapped within this head of mental labels of the external, creating an illusionarily separate world. Look around you and pick something, a chair, cup, yourself, whatever. See how it sits with everything around it, see how it all goes together? See how you see it as a separate part? Sure, this is convenient and is very helpful in communication, but language can be hypnotizing if not watched for what it is. Each thing around you is given a name, the keys upon a keyboard, the sofa in the room, you and "other", the Earth and the Sun. The Whole (which cannot be split or separated) is seen as a split puzzle need fixing within the ego, a cut-off world of illusion. You see yourself as a fragment of the Whole, when all there is the Tao, the Universe, the Way. The real Tao cannot be named. It is the name-less name, the frame-less frame, the game-less game, the gate-less gate, nothing and everything. A paradox... and you are that. 

We spend day after day working, waiting for a call. A call that will bring us salvation, or really, our idea of it. Whether it be being rich and famous, the afterlife, a car, retirement, a raise, whatever, we all have our own call we are waiting for. We get hypnotized by this idea and run after it like a carrot on a stick. Salvation, however, is already here. You cannot wait for the call when the call has been made and is continuously being made at this very moment for eternity. It is currently making the call and you are that making, though the two are not separate, so there is no one to pick it up! It is already here. It is in your heart, it is your soul, it is now, breathing with this direct experience you are currently having, all encapsulated within the eternal Tao, the Motion, the Void, the Emptiness. Dissolve into where you are, what you are. What you are is what you are currently experiencing. It keeps moving. Don't be afraid to have faith in it and move with it, for you are that. Nothing and no one is experiencing this, so there is no reason to be afraid at all. Fear is an illusion, "you" are an illusion, all there is is experience, motion, a dance. There is no experiencer to experience. That is just a game you play, we play, it plays. The Cosmos is what you are and you are playing with yourself, pretending you are not it. The Universe is jacking off.

So stop hiding in your head, stop pretending you are a fragment, cut-off and alienated from the Whole. Re-connect with the source, go within, go without. Re-member who you are. You see, the problem you face is illusory. Nothing is wrong with you. There is nothing need fixing. Just stop for a moment.. stop trying to be something or someone and just be. Dissolve..

Picture from the movie The Zero Theorem.
 Go see it! This post was inspired by it.

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