Saturday, December 14, 2013

Coming Back To Reality - Clearing the Illusory World Created Through Thought

"A person who thinks all the time has nothing to think about except thoughts, so he loses touch with reality and lives in a world of illusions..." 
Alan Watts 

A computer is a platform for potential programs. All programs are contained within a computer. None can "escape" or be ran outside the realm of a computer-like setting, nor does it or can it come from the "outside" in. All is contained within the computer or the web that each creates. In the same way, "you" cannot "escape" from the world because you are the world. You do not come from the "outside" "in" for all is contained within the seed of the big bang. All that you see "out there" is coming in through "your" eyes and looking back at itself. The inner and outer realms of existences are not two separate objects but one united process. The inner creates the outer and the outer creates the inner. You are both, no... you are it, you are that.

Everything contained within this moment (all of existence) is you. This biological device is an aperture in which "all of that" looks back at itself and reflects upon itself creating an echo of the present moment, the past. This, of course, creates the feeling of time, all of which incurs through the mind and more specifically, language. "It" is sending feedback loops to itself through the "echo" of the present moment that you create through the ego. Nothing is wrong with this. In fact, it is pure brilliance. The only "problem", if you want to label it that, arises when you think that there is a problem need solving. Nothing is ever "wrong" right now in this very moment. The only thing "bad" (or even "good") that occurs now is done in the fictional personal symbolic narrative of yourself, of the "I". 

Take a second and close your eyes. Relax... breathe deeply, listen to everything. Don't judge, just listen, just watch. If you catch yourself judging, do not judge the judgement for that would be a judgmental loop. Simply see that you are judging and nothing more, then "you" will no longer be judging. After a few minutes of this, ask yourself this: 

Who am I?
Wait for the response..

The entirety of existence is experiencing itself, all right now, all through you. The "real you" never leaves and yet never stays. You are not some static thing that is pushed around by the world. You are not a victim needing revenge. How can you conquer the world if you are the world, the universe, the very essence of existence. That would be like trying to bite your own teeth, impossible and rather laughable. For that is what this is. This thing called life is not serious. It is play. Laugh about it, have fun with the act of you.
 You are the world, the universe, all of existence through that existence, right now. 
Language and conscious attention try to make sense of the world, by picking it apart, piece by piece, trying to fit it together as if it was an unsolved puzzle. However, to solve the puzzle is to not solve the puzzle because there is no puzzle to solve. There are no separate pieces needing assembled. The universe grows. Perhaps in the egoic mind structures like the economy but fundamentally reality is one united process that is all of 'you'. This process needs no solving because how could you solve you, especially when you is this moment right now and this moment, that moment is foreverly moving. Forever beyond the reach of your grasp. How can your right hand grab your right hand? You are in it, no, you are it. 

The ego, conscious attention, is the feedback loop of existence. A sort of "feature" to it all. However, it is not all of existence. It is a part, but not all. Sometimes this part of existence, your story, you past, your future, your hopes, your worries, can begin to hypnotize you. The loop gets caught up in itself and loops around the loop, which creates for a very.. loopy perspective. It creates a fictional player whom reads hundreds of book all from the same book. A hesitation occurs. Calculations upon calculations are ran but nothing comes up and when the loop ends, a split-second, spontaneous decision is made, always. Computer scientists might refer to the this mental chatter as a recursive loop: A loop that never breaks and only the input values (thoughts) differ until a code is given to end it. Fortunately for you, you already know the code. You've had "the code" this entire time, thinking you have not. That right there is your problem. You try to "one up" the world, your mind, yourself, as if it is something outside of you working against you. You and the world, your environment, the universe work together. But there is no "together" in which two or more "things" come together. That would imply separation. In a universe that grows from within itself, like a seed into a tree, nothing can come from the outside in. All is contained within. All is All.  The "each" and "other"  that we experience is from the symbolic use of the world through language. A language that requires a subject. Who said there needed to be a subject? What if there was just "it" and "it" played itself?

When the loop begins to loop around itself, a feeling of disconnect and a world consisting of illusions occurs.  Egotistical behavior is a result so that one can try and prove to the world that they are there, that they are real, that there is something deep down inside of them (or maybe outside of them) that is the center of their self. I promise you this. You will never find that center because there is no center to find. So stop what you are trying to do and just listen. Do you hear it? Where does it all come from? Really listen now. Take a minute or two.. Close your eyes. Breathe.. Say "hello" in your head. Do it again and again, but slowly. Notice where it comes and goes. Do you hear it? It all comes from nothing and returns to nothing with an echo. All is nothing, you are nothing; and yet it is all everything. 


  1. Very cool stuff. I especially like to be reminded of this: "The ego, conscious attention, is the feedback loop of existence. A sort of "feature" to it all. However, it is not all of existence. It is a part, but not all."

  2. This post is exactly what happened in my head when i was 15 years old.I had something like a panic attack and from that moment my entire life changed.I live in fear because this make me feel alone.I was looking for the truth at whole my life.And never thought that the answer is "Me"