Thursday, November 21, 2013

Russel Brand Calls For A Revolution On BBC And How We Can Start One

If you haven’t seen the video, check it out.

In the video we see Russel getting incredibly fired up about the problems that we face today. He points out how the current paradigms (narratives) that we collectively live within (a hierarchical government, corporations, banks, monetary system etc.) are not working. He calls for a revolution. He does not say how it will happen, but he knows it will. I think this is huge. When I first heard of Brand getting into this sort of thing, I thought that he, along with many other socially aware “famous” people, could potentially help spark a deep internal and thus external (r)evolution much needed. People look up to those who are famous. They listen to them. Perhaps this time it can be for something worth listening to rather than the next hairstyle to rock. 
We need to take the power of our lives back. First, we need to recognize that we are being controlled.. conditioned. We need to take a deep look at ourselves and watch what we do, how we act, and how we think. We all know the grind of the work week and the weekends. Is there more to life than this? Notice how we all go to our ‘jobs’ where we work for a thing called a ‘corporation’ to receive another thing called ‘money’, that apparently has some value. You then exchange this ‘money’, or more simply put, paper, for food, shelter, and material wants/needs from more ‘corporations’. We participate in this delusion. You participate in this delusion. I participate in this delusion (but not for long). If you aren’t doing anything and are simply watching it all go by while you sit and stare and think, damn, how can I do something to help this world? And then tell yourself no, no, I can’t, not me, I can’t change the world. Then you are contributing to the problem. Don’t change the world, change yourself. Everyone has to act; you have to act. There is no one-thing in and of itself. It is all one. If you act we all act. So.. act!
And how do you act? That is the question that no one really knows how to answer. What is good talking about the problems in the world without a solution? Well... I have one. 
Take back your power. You are being controlled by money, your job, etc. Provide your own energy, grow your own food, build your own shelter… with friends of course! Live 100% off the grid. If we collectively did this, the economy could collapse and instead of everyone entering something 100X worse than the depression, we would be safe in our sustainable homes, living off the land, working with nature (which in-turn is us), not against it. We can leave the "economy” and all of the other bullshit in the dust and never look back. Oh… and the economy will collapse. Let it. MIT predicts by 2030 it will. I think sooner. But don’t wait… act now or it will be too late.

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