Monday, December 17, 2012

The Brain is a Fractal Antenna

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  1. Hey man, are you still alive?

    1. Lol hi! Yes I am! I've been quite busy and haven't had time really to write any blog posts/no inspiration but I have been writing in my journal A LOT so I will be adding some of my favorites from my journal to the (new) blog soon.

      I went to Asia by myself for 4 months and now am working on saving for my next trip. In three weeks I will be off work and for the next three weeks after that I'll be preparing my new website,, and for my central/south america trip.

      On the new site I will have my photography, most of my old blog posts, new and continuous blog posts about my travels/thoughts, and also a travel podcast where I talk to some amazing people from all over the world. Look out in the next month for it to come!

      Thanks for commenting!

  2. Right on man. I am mostly interested in discussing this little jewel of thought, such as the nature of the brain as a quantum antenna, a fractal antenna of course, because I reached the same conclusion myself. It's curious that this is not a very prevalent thread of thought given how long ago you made this post. I found your blog when I googled it to see how far ahead modern engineering had runaway with this revelation. Turns out, not very far.

    What kind of lifestyle do you live? Are you working toward any goals on your journey? What sparked this blog post specifically?

    1. Yeah I mean this sort of theory is, I'm assuming, quite hard to put under the scientific scrutinous lens. But through different experiences I've had and the evidence I provided here and many others, I do find it to be true. It seems to me we're just experiencing one frame in an infinite frame of possibilities. Psychedelic, dream, meditative, and trance states reveal other layers.

      What sparked this specifically? I would say it was a lot of different things. I was very active on and am a moderator on there and this sort of topic got sort of touched on a lot there. I also began to explore my consciousness through meditation/psychedelics and that too brought about this idea. I also became pretty obsessed with the idea that the entire universe is one giant fractal and we're just experiencing one layer of it at a time, so that too brought me to the fractal antenna conclusion of the brain. I tend to think outside the box a lot and have these sort of thoughts all the time, so I guess it just sort of came up one time and thought I might as well write a blog on it. :)

      I lived a normal lifestyle growing up. Private school, good friends, and family etc., but I am slowly breaking away from the norm and that all happened with my first solo journey abroad. I am currently working 50 to 60 hour work weeks to save for my trip and am spending very little. I go to festivals and raves every so often and occasionally bars, but bars aren't really my scene. Soon I will be leaving for Belize, heading South to Peru, etc., to explore and be led in an Ayahuasca experience. I am assuming I will not be coming home for several years, so the nomadic lifestyle will be mine.